Skull Charm & Beads

      Make your bracelets and necklaces even more special with our unique Skull Charm designs that complement any outfit and make you stand out.

      To remind yourself to look at the positive side of life, our Guitar Skull silver charm represents change, new beginnings, and transformation. So, if you are looking for skull gifts, this silver charm is a great choice for someone special.

      For a stylish yet realistic symbol, the Skull with Crown silver charm has a textured finish and is studded with silver jade stones. Or slip on the charming Vintage Skull charm around your wrist for a touch of mystery and glamour if you are looking to adorn the perfect skull bracelet.

      Show your love for whimsy and add some flare to your look with a cute Pumpkin Carriage silver charm, Pumpkin Owl silver charm, or Halloween Pumpkin silver charm.

      Made using sterling silver, these charms are sure to last you a lifetime. Add these skull beads to your favorite bracelet, or add them to make a skull charm necklace to step up your look.