Sun & Moon Charms & Beads

      Introducing our captivating Moon and Sun Charms and Beads collection, where celestial beauty meets elegance. Wear our Dazzling Zircon Star Charms, featuring diamond-wrapped gemstones set delicately in sterling silver, perfect for star enthusiasts.

      Add a touch of sparkle with our Kitty In The Moon Charm, showcasing a plush kitty nestled in the moon, ideal for bracelets and necklaces.

      Explore the Bohemian Vintage Moon and Flower Dangle Moon Charm, a handmade resin charm adorned with a lovely moon dangle, a statement piece for your jewellery collection. For a delicate piece, the Silver Bright Star & Moon Charm meets simplicity, adding celestial charm to your accessories.

      For sun-haven charms, pick the Opal Sun Charms bracelet, a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Whether worn alone or layered, it embodies grace and sophistication.